Sunday, March 28, 2010

"HEY, LOOK MOM! I DIALED 9-1-1!"...

said Connor beaming with pride.

In a panic I started yelling and screaming and ran over to hang up the phone. (I am sure this made the dispatcher on the other end feel very at ease.)

2.7 seconds later the police called back.

Yup, that is about how it went. Gotta love kids! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We had plans for the Rodeo this day (Saturday) but Seth told me I was too sick and I could not go. I had been willing, but I was secretly relieved when he told me this. At the same time, I was bummed that we missed out on Rodeo once again. Next year! :)
I took Connor to the store that morning to look at the bikes. Connor has had the same $40 bike since he was four and had outgrown it awhile back... not to mention he had recently popped the tire. The kid deserved a new bike! :) So we hit up Wally World to pick out a sweet new ride. His only request was "one that pedals backwards" (has hand breaks). Easy enough. We were big time when we walked out with the $70 bike... I am hoping that means we get seven years out of this one! ;)

Connor's bike is now the envy of all the kids on the block and they beg to ride it! :) I can hear "Oh how sweet, it is!" playing in the background of my head as Connor floats on cloud nine.

And his bike has those cool bars in the back so two can ride! :)
Seth then took Connor to a birthday party that day and let me once again SLEEP! We rented Astro Boy that night for the kids and called it a WEEK!


Friday morning comes and I feel (and look) even worse! My pink eye has now spread to both eyes, there is nothing pink about them... they are RED, and are starting to swell. I can't physically move anywhere with out wanting to cry (from my head pounding and body hurting). I promise a day of Rock Band (on almost mute) til Connor's heart is content. I didn't think he would go for this at all, but he actually seemed really happy about the idea! So we jammed for HOURS! I didn't have to move, was hidden from outside eyes, and I officially no longer suck at this game! It was a win-win situation for all! I can now hold my own on the guitar set on the easiest level. :)

Friday night Connor has a baseball practice (which is like hitting the jack pot for this kid) so somehow he thinks this is the "best day ever!". I didn't totally fail him after all. Seth is the assistant coach but I asked him to take Eli and let him run around unsupervised while I took Dallin with me to the minute clinic so I could get tested for Strep. Turns out the minute clinic should really be called the 800 hour clinic! The test came back negative... dangit! I was hoping some antibiotics would take care of the way I felt. I came home and SLEPT.


So it's the fourth day and I now have pink eye, but of course my Doc is out of town for the rest of the week and can't see me until Monday. He prescribes me some eye drops without seeing my eye, but they don't seem to be doing a darned thing! My eye proceeds to get worse and I start feeling SUPER lousy (body ache, chills, head ache, sore throat).
Still determined to give the boys a fun spring break... but too embarrassed to go anywhere I can be "seen"... I took them to the duck pond (with sunglasses on) to walk the lake and feed the ducks as well as our own tummies. We enjoyed the sunshine and ate Happy Meals on the park bench. Turns out those ducks are NUTS over french fries! The boys highlight was when we saw a whole family of turtles laying out on the "island"; four big ones and two baby ones. My personal highlight was after we passed a personal trainer with three high school aged girls working out. Suddenly my boys wanted to show me right then and there (on the pathway in front of all the cars) how well they could do push-ups. (Their push-ups were quite the site to behold!) And I think Connor could do a total of three sit ups. Maybe next time we will skip the McDonald's and hit the gym?! ;)
Later that evening when Dad was home we decided to hit the zoo and see if it would be a little less crowded a couple days later and at night. WRONG! But after we had made the trek out there and after we had prepared our picnic dinner we (or should I say "I") was determined to go to the zoo! Eli had been begging and crying ever since Monday to see the "yions" and "raffs" (lions and giraffes). So we waited over an hour just to park the car and braved the crowded masses.

I thought the wagon would be a great idea with both the boys... but it was a nightmare to steer and pull among all the crowds!

Eli and Tiff at the petting zoo. I am pretty sure there was a goat behind us that must have ran out of the picture at the last second! :) (Tiff in her hat and shades that she wore everywhere the rest of the week... at dusk... or in stores... everyone thought I was a creeper, I am sure! ;)

We didn't get the whole zoo done before it closed but Eli was satisfied seeing his lions and giraffes among a few others. We love you boys!


The third day of Spring break was St. Patrick's day! And once again we had big plans and high hopes. We had invited over 5 other families to join us for a St. Patties feast (of green pancakes, green eggs, green juice, Lucky Charms (with green milk), and a rainbow fruit platter) and to be finished off with a treasure hunt for the leprechauns pot of gold! Ironically, our luck seemed to have run out as I woke up that morning with PINK EYE! I quickly texted all the families to tell them that it was still on, but that they come at their own risk. Oh how they dropped like flies! (You know who you are!) It's okay, I would have done the same. ;) I was devastated to tell the boys that probably no one was going to show up and I was sorry. It quickly became quite the fest of tears at our house. Then my last friend to respond, single handily saved the day by texting me that she and the kids would take their chances and were coming! YAY!

The Little Leprechauns: Connor, Dallin (still in PJ's- but we made sure the night before that their jammies had some green so they wouldn't get pinched), Rainey, Larkin, Eli, and Jacob.

Dallin feasting on a pancake and Lucky Charms (of course he only ate the marshmallows out... why have they not made that cereal with only marshmallows yet)? Does any one's kid ever eat the rest?

My beautiful fruit rainbow deserved a picture all of it's own. :) I found the idea in the Family Fun magazine... a personal favorite. (I altered the clouds from marshmallows to Cool Whip... it made it perfect for dipping!)

The woman who saved St. Patrick's Day... God Bless You, Lindsey! :)

The kids seemed to enjoy the breakfast (and undoubtedly peed green for three days straight with all that food coloring ;) and the treasure hunt was a success (except for the fact that I had planned enough gold candied treasure for six families and now there were only two to eat it!) We missed the other families (although we totally understood), but had still had a fabulous time!


On the second day we decided to do Go-Carts as a family (meaning with Dad). Seth worked his Google coupon magic and got some great discounted prices for all of us. We had Connor lie and say he was 8. (What?! He hasn't been baptised yet... his sins can still be washed away. It was the only logical thing to do). This act was key in order for the the whole Washburn Family to race together. By doing so, Connor was able to drive by himself . Seth and I took turns in the two seater go-cart with Eli and for two extra dollars and an "if you are okay with it" then we were able to add Dallin on as a lap rider in the super-fast go-cart. (That actually holds up in court?) Anyway, we finished the night off with ice cream cones. It was a great day!

Three excited little boys!





So for Spring Break we had great plans of going camping with our neighbors for a few days as we explored caverns that were hundreds of feet under the ground and went on a fun drive thru animal safari only to then be followed by a few days in San Antonio to visit one my my BFF's and check out to Sea World. And then the puking started... followed by the fever, double ear infection, and the diarrhea. And soon all our plans were flushed down the toilet (literally). We were all heart broken so I vowed to do something "fun" with the kids everyday and to make the best of the break.
We attempted the zoo, but turned up our noses at the insane line backed up for what seemed like miles just to get into the zoo parking lot! So we wandered around downtown Houston until we found a park and played on the playground for hours and had a lovely picnic with our friends.
I only got harassed for money by a homeless person once. When I told him I did not have any cash on me but that he was welcome to any of our picnic food there he told me, "I don't want no snacks, I want a burger! Can you go get me a burger? I will wait here for you." It really was so polite of him to offer like that. But when I told him NO, but that he really was welcome to the food... (which we had all sorts between the two families... I'm talking sandwiches, granola bars, several different kinds of crackers, drinks, chips, fruit, veggies, cookies, etc)... he said, "I want me some BURGERS!" And people wonder why we give money to charities outside the US and we don't feed our "own" homeless?!? At that point I just walked away... very fast! :)
Dallin loves to climb...

And loves him some Capri Suns... I think he drank SIX that day at the park!

Eli picnicking with his buddy Aaron.

Connor with his muy guapo friend Victor. I have a crush on this kid. If I wasn't already taken... I might just have waited for him! ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010


I want to say sorry to anyone who may have heard some bad language on my blog site. I was shocked today when I heard a voice come on (in the place of a song on my playlist) and say some profanities where music was supposed to be playing. I am not sure how this happened since I always listen to the music before I add it to my playlist. But regardless... I apologize to anyone else who may have heard it. I deleted that particular "song" and went through and checked all the rest. They should be fine now. If anyone does hear something that is inappropriate (other than maybe me ranting in a blog post ;) please feel free to let me know so that I can do something about it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clean Slate

Spring always brings a sense of renewal. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to allow myself a fresh start. I am wiping my own slate clean. (Is that acceptable? I don't know, but I am doing it!) I am allowing myself a "do-over" and am going to try to do right by ME, by my FRIENDS, by my FAMILY, and most importantly by my GOD. I am only human and my slate probably won't stay clean for very long-- but I feel a renewed sense and longing to try harder-- so I am.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eli's Lingo

A few days back I could tell Elijah was very tired. He hadn't slept well the night before, wasn't feeling well, and woke up extra early that morning. Eli is in the process of phasing out of naps and had not taken a nap for several days in a row.

Me: Eli, you are going to have to take a nap today.

Elijah: No! I don't want to!

Me: I am sorry Eli, but you have to. Your body is telling me it is very tired.

Elijah: No Mommy! My bottom is not tired! See! (then in a high disguised voice he says) I Eli's bottom, I not tired!

(For the record... he feel asleep in record time that day :)


Eli always tends to add "so bad!" to the end of all of his sentences to make his point. It always makes me laugh. He is never hungry, but hungry so bad! He doesn't just want to watch a show, but he wants to watch a show so bad! (you get the point) I was holding Eli and giving him a love when we had this conversation.

Me: How come you are so cute, Eli?

Eli: Um, cuz I yuv (love) you so bad! (and he leaned in to give me a big kiss)

Could I love this boy anymore? I think not! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Clear Skys

This last week has been beautiful here in Houston with almost every day reaching 65 degrees and sunny. We took the opportunity twice this week to walk around the lakes and feed our local ducks.

Eli loves to spot the squirrels in the trees.

I was told by Eli that this duck with the lovely tuft on her head must be a "gurl" and looks just like me! (I had my hair waded up in a bun that day ;)

The two boys and I finished it all with a trip to the park... just us. It was lovely.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Sweet Boy

Connor is going through a bit of an annoying stage at the moment. If he is not whining, complaining, or yelling about something... (sometimes I am convinced he is not a 7 year old boy at all, but in fact a 13 year old teenage girl)... then he is usually a bossy "Mr. Know It All" to his parents and brothers. The last couple days especially, it has been driving me nuts!

And then last night happened. Our bedroom is downstairs while all the boys sleep upstairs and we don't always hear everything. About an hour after I fell asleep (4 hours after the boys fell asleep) I was awakened by Connor. He was standing there in nothing but his undies holding Eli's hand and simply said, "Mom, something is not right with Eli." I turned to Eli who was barking up a storm. I have no doubt that it is Croup. I have heard that scary, distinct cough before and seen those deer in the headlight eyes as they struggle to get air in.

My heart was full. Connor had heard Eli coughing and recognized something was wrong. He woke up out of his deep sleep, climbed down his bunk bed, grabbed Eli and lead him to us where he knew he could get help.

At the end of the day, Connor IS a good big brother! :) I expressed my appreciation to Connor this morning and I could tell he felt like a real hero. I suppose he should. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting Creative!

This morning I was invited on a train ride! (Next time I am thinking about taking my business elsewhere... the leg room on this train was atrocious! ;)

Eli had lined up all the dining room chairs and was playing conductor. (thus the hats)

Dallin did a good job bringing up the caboose.

But really all he cared about was flipping that light switch on and off for 30 minutes straight!