Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Big Brothers Are Good For...

My big brother (Eli) is good for drawing all over me with markers from head to toe. And then when he gets caught by our mom... he is always good for trying to blame it on me.

Good thing I'm one and don't really care!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Connor The Pianist

My favorite part is when Connor laughs (I can tell he is thinking "pianist" sounds a lot like a certain other word!) ;)

I am so proud of Connor! He is only three lessons into piano but I hope he can keep up the love and enthusiasm he seems to have for it so far. The fact that he has the opportunity and desire to learn how to play a musical instrument truly makes my heart happy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree...

Eli walked into my room this morning saying, "Yook at me, Mom!"

I had to take his picture because it totally reminded me of this picture...

WHAT!? We can't all have princess gowns and tiara's to dress up in! Some of us had to make due with a tattered dish towel, a brother's smelly batting glove, a sign of the times Smurf mirror, and a rockin' pair of shades!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Our Lil' Peanut!

Dallin turned 18 months on Sunday. He entered nursery looking way too little to be in there, but never even looked back! With the other two boys I could not wait for them to go to nursery. :) But I am not sure how I feel about "my baby" being in nursery. Nursery is for toddlers... and I am not quite ready to accept the fact that he might actually be one! It might have to do with the fact that he is littler than the rest of the kids his age- which makes him just appear to be younger... or it might be because there is a very real possibility that he is our last... and I am just not ready to let go yet? Probably a bit of both!

Today Dallin had his 18 month well child check up and immunizations. He received three shots like a champ. He cried for a second, but once I picked him up he was fine. (Connor could take some lessons from his baby brother on that.)

Dallin's 18 month stats:

weight: 23 lbs. .... 11%
length: 30.5 in. .... 5%
head: 48.75 cm .... 75%

Dallin really is our little guy! Thus far Connor seems to be average, Eli tall, and Dallin tiny. Up to this point Dallin has been our late bloomer with all his mile stones so maybe his growth spurt will follow suit? Regardless, we could not love him more!

Dallin is starting to say a couple words. Namely "Mama", "Dad-deez" (Daddy), "dank you" (thank you), and "Uh-oh". He will occasionally say "deez" (please), but usually is too stubborn and just grunts and points and screams until he gets what he wants. :) He will also say "yeah" to just about any question you ask him. I am pretty sure he has no idea what he is agreeing too, but it is nice to have a such an accommodating child for once! ;) I also hear an occasional "my" (mine) shouted out when Eli is trying to rip a toy from his hands. There is still a lots of jabber... which I always adore.

Dallin loves to play peek-a-boo (very cute), spit (not so cute), and dogs.

Dallin has been my pickiest eater by far out of my kids, but never has a problem eating sweets. Go figure. :)

Dallin is a screamer and a screecher. I am almost to the point where I don't notice it anymore at home... but suddenly realize how bad it is when we are in sacrament meeting! :) Which brings me to another tidbit about Dallin... he does not hold still! He refuses to sit for any length of time and loves to climb!

I think he is just about perfect! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Red

Dallin found Mom's stash of licorice! By the time we found him the damage had been done. After eating 3/4 of a piece before being caught he refused to eat anything else for dinner. So, us being the good parents we are, just went ahead and fed him a few more pieces! Enjoy little man... because you're not getting another licorice dinner for a LONG time! :)