Wednesday, May 27, 2009

True Colors

Here is the hot and bothered little brother at the swim meet in all his true colors. Such a jem this one! Apparently he did NOT want to be videotaped and Seth found entertainment at his expense! :)

Connor's Time Trials

We have spent hundreds of dollars putting Connor in swimming lessons every summer and yet every summer we end up back at square one. Our solution? We signed the kid up for the swim team! ...and it worked! With practice 4 days a week and a meet every Saturday this kids gets LOTS of swimming in! This is a clip that was taken at their time trials before any of their real meets and only two weeks after swim team started. Make sure to note the dives... watching the little ones dive in is my favorite part! ;) Connor is not the fastest or the strongest in his age group, but because of the way his birthday falls he misses the cut off date for the six and under group by one day. He often gets discouraged because he never comes in "first", but he doesn't come in last either and considering he is the only 6 year old out there competing against all 7 and 8 year olds... we think he is AWESOME! ;) Way to go Connor!... GO STINGRAYS!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Eli and Hoo-Ha all doped up and waiting for their surgery!

Two weeks ago Eli got tubes put into his ears. After four months of constant ear infections and too many unhelpful antibiotics later... they decided Elijah needed tubes! Due to the constant fluid in Eli's ears (that has been unable to drain) they are fairly certain it has been affecting his hearing, which in turn, has also affected Eli's speech. So we went in for an outpatient surgery and they drugged my baby. He was quite hilarious once under the influence and it did not take long for Eli to draw a crowd of hospital staff (complete with doctors, nurses, and janitors) as they watched in amusement of the two year old on dope! ;) The hospital was fairly empty that day and I felt Eli got a lot of attention which gave me, as a mother, great comfort. Seth was unable to be there as he had to stay home with Connor who turned up with strep throat the night before. The surgery was quick and successful. I really liked Eli's ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat) specialist as he seemed very professional, personal, and seemed to be genuinely concerned about Eli. I can tell Eli is hearing better already as he seems to be noticing the little sounds all around him and has been taking great pleasure in it! He gets very excited and curious when he notices a new noise. It is fun to observe Eli's happiness and satisfaction in something many of us take for granted every day. The next step is to get Eli started in speech therapy (Here we go again!) and hope that his speech will soon catch up as well. He went in to see the ENT again today for his two week check up. The ears looked great and he passed his hearing test. I am so grateful for modern technology, skilled doctors, chirping birds, and a healthy and happy child!!
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Father is one of the most amazing father's ever! And this day is truly a celebration of a great life! There are not many people I love as much as I love my dad. My dad stands for loyalty, integrity, hard work, perseverance, dedication, and respect. He is one of the most fun people to be around... he is not afraid to listen to his music loud... and to sing and dance along with it like nobody is watching (even when everybody is)! My dad loves sports. I have many fond memories of attending Blazer basketball games, Beaver Baseball games, and Timber soccer games with him. And did I mention that my dad always came to every single soccer game of mine... rain or shine... home or away!? Cuz he did! And lets not forget the fact that he coached my soccer and basketball teams up through 5th grade... even if it meant he had to come straight from work to the soccer field in his suit! My dad has a great sense of humor, is full of smiles and great hugs. Sometimes when life seems to be too much... I find myself wishing and thinking that all I really need... all anyone really needs... is my dad and a trip to the 7-11 to get a Big Gulp! :) I'll never forget on the day of my baby shower... my dad showed up with a bouquet of pink roses for me. That is the kind of dad I have! One semester when I was $400 short for my BYU tuition, after having worked two jobs the previous summer... and I did not know how I was going to come up with the money... I found a check tucked away in my stocking for $400 that Christmas. No IOU's, no questions asked. That is my dad. My dad has also always been a great example of faith and power in the priesthood. I love my dad... and I am eternally grateful for him! I know I screw up and often fall short of his example, but I hope he knows I adore him, I admire him, and I am proud of him. Happy 64th Birthday Dad... I love you!

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Happy Mother's Day!

I have an amazing mother... the best! But in addition to my mom I have also been graced by the presence of many wonderful women. I wanted to take a moment to honor and thank all of the amazing mother's that have touched my life, in addition to my momma. I don't have pictures of everyone, but I truly am blessed and feel very grateful to have had the privilege of sharing my life with you. Whether I call you Mother, Sister, Friend, or Grandmother.... I have appreciated your love, kindness, and unique example of what being a mother truly is! Thank you. I love you all and Happy Mother's Day! XOXO