Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 5

So on day five with our cousins we packed up the vans and headed to the Texas coast. It was hot... but you didn't really notice with the strong winds blowing. Which made it very pleasant for enjoying ourselves, but made it not so pleasant the next day when we realized we were all FRIED! I think every one of us had painful sun burns after this trip to the beach. Even Grandpa somehow got sunburned and he stayed hidden under the sun umbrella the entire time! I suppose it was worth it because we all had tons of fun playing in sand, collecting shells, riding the waves, jumping waves, flying kites, eating a picnic lunch of fried chicken and more! Texas may have ugly brown water... but it is WARM! Not to mention it had killer waves that day. If you don't mind a little sand in your crack... you can enjoy yourself all day long here... and we did! :)
Eli boogie boarding.

Eat your heart out Tony Little... Check out these buff biceps!!! (Eph and Lydia)

Connor riding out to the good waves.

The wind was perfect for kite flying! We had three kites going at all times.

Eli couldn't get enough of the kites!

Dallin was a MESS! He loved army crawling through the wet sand and eating it by the fist full!

Darling Lydia

Ben covered in sand!

Kimm and Eve.

The kids feeding the Seagulls.

Day 4

The fourth day was Sunday-- the day of rest. The adults took full advantage of this as we all seemed very tired after a busy week. After church we seemed to drop off like flies, one by one... falling asleep wherever we could... on the floor, or in a bed... and seemed to take naps in shifts. We had the missionaries over for dinner that night (to which we found out we have a connection to Ammon's girlfriend through one of our Elders!) and wrote letters that night to Uncle Ammon at the MTC. It was nice to have a little "recovery" time. ;)
Gramps with Eli and Lydia.
Grandma always makes the best paper hats!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 3

Day 3 was the 4th of July!
We started off the morning by all heading to the movie theater to see the new Pixar movie-- UP. It was fun for the kids and adults alike as Pixar always does a great job of appealing to both audiences. It was not my favorite Pixar movie by any means, but great none-the-less.
Then we came home and BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixin's. We stuffed our faces along with every other good American as we seem to feel it is their patriotic duty to do so on the 4th. :)
After we had our fill we went over to Andy's house (a co-worker/friend of Seth's) where he let us light off all our fun fireworks on his land. Connor lit his first firecrackers this year. I told Connor no... that it was too dangerous and that he could get hurt doing it. He wailed and the tears poured out as he watched all his cousins light fire crackers. But, alas, Seth stepped in, overruled me and let him do it. Apparently a missing finger is not a big deal in this family...after all, we have 9 more! ;) Connor did not miss the opportunity to look at me when they were all done and say, "See! I didn't lose any fingers!" in an I-told-you-so voice. I never wanted my child to have a missing finger so badly in my life! ;)-
Andy then brought out and set up this huge telescope (that I am pretty sure even NASA is jealous of) and we were all able to observe the moon in amazing detail! He also showed us Saturn... its rings... and its moons! (This part was better than the fireworks if you ask me!) Thanks for letting us invite ourselves over and then being such an awesome host Andy! :)

Our flag cake!

I made some star brownies that the kids decorated with lots of red, white and blue toppings! I thought Caleb won the award for the best star. :)

Seth's parents enjoying some good eats.

The kids picnicked outside. Us adults chose not the sit out in the 100 degree heat. :)

Tiff and Dallin doing sparklers together.

Beautiful Evie!

Mommy loves her baby boy!!

Connor lighting his first firework ever.

Ephraim and Caleb lighting off fireworks.

The sweaty crew!

Apparently it was a little loud for Josh's liking. :)

We had some lame fireworks in our pack... but we also had some pretty sweet ones!
I feel very blessed to live in this land where we enjoy so many freedoms. I love our country and I am truly grateful and feel great respect to both the men and women who have dutifully served this country in the past and present. Because of you... me and my family enjoy the persuit of life, LIBERTY, and happiness. THANK YOU!
"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty." -- John F. Kennedy
"Ohhh Justice will be served And the battle will rage This big dog will fight When you rattle his cage And you'll be sorry that you messed with The U.S. of A. 'Cause we'll put a boot in your ass It's the American way" -- Toby Keith
"Free at last; free at last; thank God Almighty we are free at last!" -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Day 2

The second day we all had fun as we went to the Children's Museum in downtown Houston. It is huge and a great place for a lot of fun learning and exploring to take place on all levels, but it is always packed and be prepared to hang on to your little ones... or you just might lose them! I admit I was tired and worn out at the end just by watching all the kids run around like crazy for hours. The big crowds like that are not my cup of tea... but the kids loved it.
Ben, Josh (with his rocket he made as a nose), and Connor learning how the to earn a pay check and working at the grocery store! (about time they start giving pack to the family!)

Eli peaking out of a pirate ship -- part of the toddler area.

I think it was Joshy that got lost inside this maze and was a bit freaked out. But he sure looks happy here! :)

Eli driving a fire truck!

Dallin and Tiff in the baby area.

Dallin was nuts over this wall that was just a giant mirror. He loved seeing himself and was so amused by it for the longest time. Can you say "vain" much? ;)

Washburn cousins --Day 1

We were fortunate enough to have Seth's brother, Ephraim, and his family drive all the way out from California to come and visit us for a week! Seth's parents also decided to join the fun and it was one big party with all 14 of us in our house! We feel so blessed that they were all willing to make the trek out here. It was so much fun for the us and the kids to just run wild for a week of uninterrupted play! I think it bonded them a little more as cousins and hopefully it will be something they will always remember.

The first day they were here we mostly just chilled at home and went swimming in the neighborhood pool since Seth had to work that day and we were waiting for Seth's parents to get in that night.



Oh and I almost forgot. (Sorry Kimm!) When Ephraim and Kimm showed up Thursday night after driving all day long... we fed them dinner almost immediately as they walked in the door. Well, poor Ben (age 6) apparently was a little car sick from 3 straight days of driving and not long after he ate dinner... threw up red fruit punch and broccoli and cheese soup all over the white carpet! It truly was one for the books and I wish that I had thought to take a picture!! It was so classic. Something that I totally could see happening to me as a parent and feeling horrible and just wanting to die inside! But neither Seth or I cared (as we already have a million spots of our own on this carpet and plan on ripping it up this year). Luckily for us (unlucky for our neighbors) our neighbors had just bought a carpet cleaner a couple weeks back and offered for us to use it anytime! It actually worked really well and you'd never know that there was once bright red throw up all over the white carpet! :)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Confused Connor

This morning as we were trying to run out the door for the circus.... Eli was not behaving very properly (surprise, surprise!) and was being especially bothersome to his 7 year old brother. I was trying to discipline Eli, but apparently Connor was not satisfied as he turned to me and said in a very irritated and heated manor (and dead serious I might add), "We should just send Eli to JUDY!!!!"

Totally confused I said, "Who in the world is Judy?"

"You know... it's like a police station, but for little kids!"

I had to think for a second.... then it all registered. "Oh! You mean JUVIE!" Wait. Seriously? He meant juvie??

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bear Lake

So, it was that time of year again for the McKeehan family reunion-- where I get to see my parents and all my siblings and their families and do nothing but play, bicker, and eat! IT'S THE BEST!! This year Ryan and Heidi hosted it and we went to Bear Lake. It was so gorgeous, fabulous weather, and tons of fun!
This pic of Bear Lake was taken from the car as we were driving there... it was such a pretty view!

I'm not sure they come any cuter than Jack-Jack.
When we didn't have activities planned... the cousins all ran around climbing trees, playing mini-golf, or swimming in the pools. But we spent most of our time at the beach; enjoying the sand, sun, and the ice-cold water!

Eli strutting his stuff.
The guys had a sand football game one day (of which I have no pics) where Sean and Austin tried to start another fight. (Maybe they were just trying to keep the memory of the last family reunion alive! ;) In the end Seth and Sean's team lost. My brothers are pretty competitive (okay, maybe I am too) but Seth said surprisingly Sean didn't seem too upset by it. Seth figured since he was on Sean's team... that in Sean's mind that must have counted as a handicap! ;)

We rented paddle boats one day and all had fun riding around and racing each other. We also had a water skiing day planned, but last minute we realized the battery to the boat was dead. No worries, we still managed to have a great time with out it.

Sean, Candace, and Jack.
Does this kid look like he belongs in a Norman Rockwell painting or what?! I love my Bear!

Austin with a boat full of little ones! :)

Dallin enjoyed playing in the sand... but I think he enjoyed eating it even more!

Sunny - D

Dallin and Nana hanging out together.

Connor- Porter- Cooper

Kellen and his infamous plumbers crack. I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. I don't think that little bum could hold up a pair of pants if his life depended on it! :)

Every night Ash and Kenna would bust out some fun camp songs and primary hymns on their guitars as we all sang along before family prayer. It was awesome. They gave Uncle Sean some lessons and have inspired me to start guitar lessons for Connor.

We also ran a family marathon together. Before you all start thinking I got my fat butt to run 26+ miles... think again. We ran the 26 miles in legs... between all 24 of us. (Not quite as impressive, is it! ;) Everyone was accounted for... even the babies that had to be pushed in strollers. Seth and I each ran 1.5 miles, Connor ran a mile, and E-Diddy and Dallin ran/ strolled 0.1 miles. :) It was a fun bonding experience to do it all together with everyone... and a great idea. (Yay Candace!) I don't have any pictures of this but I do have some good video footage. Maybe I will get around to posting it one day. :)

We also had fun activities like the classic family baseball game and Hawaiian day-- where I learned that Megan (my 8 yr. old neice) can do a killer Hula dance! We also saw a couple of movies, the boys went golfing once or twice, had an awesome Father's Day together, ate out a lot, played lots of board games and ate more than our fair share of "famous" raspberry shakes! I love my family and am so grateful that I consider my brothers and their wives as my some of my very best friends! It was awesome to have had this time to share with them, Destiny and my parents. I also loved that my kids had the opportunity to run wild with all of their cousins. My only wish is that we all lived closer and could do this everyday! Thanks for the great time Ryan and Heidi!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Connor's Logic

So I am feeling bold and brave and decide to venture to Target with all three of my boys. Immediately as I enter, Eli starts throwing a fit because I am making him sit inside the cart (instead of letting all hell break loose through Target by allowing him to wander freely grabbing and opening everything in sight as he runs 10 aisles ahead of me) Then all of a sudden I hear Connor rip one! (Yes, we are talking farts here people.) It was loud and stinky and I was VERY embarrassed. I turned to Connor and gave him a nasty glare as he very innocently said, "What?! Someone had to do something to make Eli happy!" It was just then that I noticed Eli's tears had dried up and in fact turned to squeals of pure delight.


We recently took a family trip out to Utah for a McKeehan family reunion up at Bear Lake. It was tons of fun, but while we were in UT we had to seize the opportunity to visit Grandma Washburn whom we had not seen since we left Provo 7 years ago. It was so nice to visit with her and let the boys get to know her. She was always so much fun to be around and did so much for us as newly weds. We were also able to walk around BYU campus, spend a small fortune on overly priced 'Y' apparell for the family, show the kids where their mom and dad met (the ever so lovely Miller apartments), eat at the Brick Oven, and see two of Seth's sisters (Esther and Bekah). It was great! We were sad that we had just barely missed Ammon entering the MTC by a day or two.

Tiff, (my nephew Cooper) Seth, Connor, Dallin and Eli in front of the Cougar.

Aunt Esther jumpin on the tramp with Connor and Eli at Grandma Washburn's. Esther was a trooper and ran around with them ALL day long. No wonder they love her so much! :)

Eli and Connor with Aunt Bekah before she had to leave for work.

The boys and their Great-Grandma Washburn!

Seth lived with his Grandma the summer we were engaged. I think she holds an extra soft spot in his heart. We love you Luzon!

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