Saturday, June 13, 2009

My boys...

When I saw this dog pile on Seth... I attempted to put Dallin on top for the picture... and then decided that it was probably not such a great idea! But I love this picture... because I love all these men (big, medium and little). With out them... I wouldn't have much. I am so grateful for each one of them. And some days I feel like the richest lady in the world just to have three beautiful boys and a loving husband.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eli is 3!

Oh man, was this kid ready to turn three! He asked every morning for two weeks if it was his "durfday" yet. We were actually gone over the weekend (on Connor's b-day) so we got in late Sunday night. We woke up early Monday morning (June 1st) and made the mistake of telling Eli it was his birthday. But it was just a regular, old day. Dad left for work, Connor left for school... and nothing special to it. Talk about the ultimate let down for a three year old! I saw we had a bunch of messages on our answering machine and hit play thinking maybe a birthday message would cheer him up. They were ALL messages wishing CONNOR a happy birthday... he just about died! He cried saying, "NO! MY DURFDAY! NOT DADDO's!" It really was so sad that it was almost comical. I was sure we had scarred him for life. We tried to make him feel better by telling him he was going to have a party that weekend. But I don't think he understood and it did very little to console the him... or me for that matter. :)

But finally, come dinner time when all the family was together again we let him pick dinner (pizza), sang happy birthday, blew out candles, and opened family presents. His main present (which is not pictured) was a little Spider-Man bike just his size complete with training wheels. He loves it!

Eli had a Spider-Man themed party (his pick) the following Friday. These are the not-so-great spider cupcakes I attempted to make for the kids. :)

I went to two different party stores to look for Spider-Man supplies. I was floored when I realized they wanted $25 for a pinata! (Which did not include candy and did not even look very cool, if you asked me) So my cheap-a** self decided I was going to make one instead. I am pretty sure it cost me less than a dollar to make. Flour... water... newspaper... and some red crate paper.... oh and a piece of yarn to hang it with! Eli loved it!

I found these cute Spider-Man masks at Wal-mart. The kids loved them! And I just went with a red and black theme for decorations.

Eli and Connor all ready for the party to begin!

Eli had 6 of his 9 friends show + our 2, put us at 8 kids. It was a good number. The house felt plenty full with that many little kids running around. :) (pictured: Trent, Eli and Tristan)

(Aaron, Brayden, and Ava)

We had several fun games... pin the spider on the web, the web walk, and Seth's creation... while wearing your Spidey mask you throw the Spider-Man beach ball through the hula hoop and at the villian. Of course, that was their favorite game! Seth always comes up with the best party games. Party planning just might be in his future! ;) (They got to each take a ball home)

We also had a special visitor show up to bring Eli a present! Two of the kids screamed bloody murder, I got a good laugh, and Eli knew right away that it was his dad! Good times!!

Last was the pinata. It held up like a champ!

In the end it was Connor that busted it open.

This was Eli's special gift from Spiderman... a Spidey suit of his very own! Happy "durfday" little man. We sure love you!

School's Out!

We are proud to say Connor has completed the first grade and is now officially a second grader!! Here is a picture with his teacher, Mrs. Hebert on the last day of school. Sadly, he will not be going back to Summerwood Elementary next year as they are changing the boundaries. So, in stead of being able to walk less than a mile to get to school... we will now be bused approx. 8+ miles to Lakeshore Elementary. It makes no sense and part of me is upset that Connor will have to start all over again with making friends, adjusting to a new school, new staff, etc. But it is a brand new school and supposed to be "top of the line and very high tech". The principle comes very highly rated and I have no doubt that Connor will thrive and do great at his new school. Congrats Connor! Enjoy your summer break!
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Connor!

Our little man is growing up so big before our eyes! Since we were in Louisiana over Connor's 7th birthday we started the day off with the Butler tradition of a birthday pancake breakfast! We have shared many birthday breakfasts' with the Butlers and so Connor was very excited to be having his own! :) For lunch we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's where Connor had a great time running around with his friends, playing games, eating pizza, collecting tickets and winning prizes! We then came home and had ice cream sundaes (Connor is not a big cake eater) and opened presents. All in all, I think Connor had a great day. I feel very blessed to have watched Connor grow these last 7 years. He truly is a blessing in our lives and brings happiness to his family and all those he comes in contact with. We love you Big Head! :)

Connor enjoying his birthday ice cream sundae.

Connor's reaction to his present... a Nintendo DS Lite!

Michael and Connor playing games.

Eli and Michael.

"Chuck E. Cheese... where a kid can be a kid!"

$ Cha-Ching! $

Eli was NOT feelin' the moving monster truck.

Connor got to play games and eat his pizza too! Whenever we go to Chuck E. Cheese's we never get pizza because we think it is way over priced and not all that great. Connor begs and we always say no. But today was a special day and Connor finally got his long awaited Chuck E. pizza!!! ;)

A couple of babes! Donna and Dallin.

The proud mommy with the birthday boy!

Most of the gang... Happy Birthday Connor! We love you!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crawfish Boil... Louisiana Style!

We drove back to Louisiana last weekend for a friend's baby that was being blessed. Seth was in the circle and the blessing was very sweet. They had a big craw fish boil afterwards to celebrate in true Louisianian style! (Sticky hot with awesome company and good eats!) It was so much fun. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... so here are several thousands worth!
I think Connor enjoyed playing with the craw fish (before they were cooked) more than any other child there.

Our little friend looks like he might know what is comin' to him! :(

Dallin was pretty fascinated with the craw fish too, but his mean mom would not let him grab them like he wanted. :)

Who needs action figures? Connor was happy as can be making the craw fish fight each other.

After the little guys were cooked.

Before they were cooked.

Eli is a kid after my own heart... he wouldn't touch the craw fish with a 20 foot pole... dead or alive! He stuck to the peanuts. :)

And fell asleep trying to eat a hot dog.

Connor loved the craw fish dead as much as he did alive! Let the feasting begin!

Connor is a head sucker! You have to be a true crazy Cajun to enjoy this... most people don't. Connor on the other hand, says it is his favorite part! You can almost see the crazy in his eyes.