Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love is...

these two little boys!

Happy Birthday Seth!

I love this man. :)

Someone just couldn't quite wait to taste these treats! (I'll give you a hint... his name rhymes with Shmallin! ;)

For his birthday Seth got a bike and a two seater bike carriage so we can go on family bike rides now!

Dallin sure is happy now that he got his cupcake!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

Sunday Morning the boys woke up bright and early in anticipation of the Easter bunny!
(Yes, two of my three kids are dressed in Christmas pajamas... don't judge me! ;)

My three darling boys! Oh, how I love each one of them!

The Easter Bunny hides the baskets at our house... Connor was the last to find his this year. His basket had waterballoons, a couple baseballs, a sticker book, pencils, and Star Wars Legos. The Legos were a huge hit!

After they found their baskets they dumped out the goods only to fill them back up again with the treat filled eggs hidden outside.

When it came to the hunt Connor and Eli had no mercy on their baby brother. Poor Dallin only had two or three eggs. Which he was actually just fine with... because once he opened one... he had to eat everything out before he could move on to finding another. :)

(this pic is just because you can see conference in the background :)
I found it a bit ironic that as the rest of the world ventured out of their home for one out of two Sundays a year to go to church... we stayed home and watched church on TV for one out of two Sundays a year. :) Connor actually sat and listened to the whole Sunday morning conference (for the first time ever!) and when I quizzed him... I learned that he was in fact listening better than me!
Some friends invited us over for a delicious Easter dinner. (It was definitely worth blowing the diet over! ;) It was so nice to find ourselves surrounded by friends since distance does not allow us to share the holiday with our families.
I combed the boys hair and dressed them in Polo's and shorts for Easter dinner, but it may as well have been shackles and chains because they acted like it was TORTURE! :)
(Eli's bunny he is holding is Max-- from the cartoon Max and Ruby-- his favorite! We looked everywhere to find him one for Christmas and they did not have them. I was SO excited when I saw they had some out for Easter!)
(So I didn't exactly get the Easter picture I was hoping for...)
But we how grateful we are for this day and for the wonderful reminder that we have a Savior that Lives! We are grateful for our loving Father's plan, for the gift of eternal life, and the knowledge that there is life after death!

Beach Trip

We had two days off of school for Easter Break. Some friends and I decided to take the kids down to Galveston for one of those days to play on the beach. The water was colder than us adults cared for, but it didn't seem to phase the kids a bit!

Tiff, Linds, Kenna, and Stacee

The cutest little mermaid I have ever seen!

This poor kid's mom suffered some OCD issues with taking three little boys to the beach on her own (no hubby) and as a result made lots of rules. One of which meant poor Eli and Dallin had to wear their life vests at ALL times... even though they hardly went in the water. Dallin only threw a fit about it once or twice. :)

Rani and the Sand Man. This kid had sand EVERYWHERE after this trip!

Cute kiddos loving every second of it!

Jacob and Connor

Trenty all tuckered out. He curled up on a towel and passed out!

On the way home Eli asked me if we could come back to the beach again everyday. I guess that meant it was a success! And the best part was that after a day of playing hard in the sun all three of my kids fell asleep on the way home and I was able to enjoy some blissful silence. :) It was a great day and I am so ready to go again!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Dallin and Eli had some fun posing with these silly sunglasses!



A random Lizard in our backyard eating a bug the size of itself. I watched it... it took it a LONG time to get it all in there! SICK! ;)

Rani (according to Eli she is his girlfriend) came up and grabbed Eli by the hands and starting giving him lessons on "how to dance like a prince and princess" on the kitchen floor. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! :)