Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 32!

Don't hate because of my mad cake decorating skills!

Seth's party was complete with party hats and party bags for the boys... they loved it!

Eli sure enjoyed his two pieces of cake. And in case that wasn't enough... later that night he snuck back out of bed and ate another 1/4 of the cake before we caught him! Such a little stink pot!

Seth's birthday was actually on the 10th, but better late than never! :) He turned 32 this year. Our next door neighbors had us over for dinner that night and we spent most of the evening talking and playing with the kids outside. We then came back home for our own little cake and presents. We love and appreciate Seth as a husband and father. The kids adore Seth and every day they run and scream to be the first to hug and kiss him when he gets home. I truly feel I hit the jack pot when I got you! Thanks babe! XOXO

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A friend in the ward here happens to work for the Houston Rockets. (Not sure what he does exactly.) Anyway, Seth was lucky enough to be invited to go see the playoff Blazer-Rocket game #3. They had suite seats and tons of fun. I will admit I was green with envy as I should have been there... maybe if I had been they would have actually won! Seth was clearly not the crazy-obnoxious, out of place, Blazer fan that I would have been!!! Probably too worried that he would get beat up! ;) Thanks Cris! GO BLAZERS!!!!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mess Maker

After I took a rather quick shower I came out to see Eli had dumped all the contents out, scattered them about and unraveled everything that was all in that target bag!

Dallin sure thought it was fun to play with a gazillion baby wipes courtesy of Eli!
Meet Eli...he is the biggest mess maker ever! He is a walking tornado and I am not sure what to do with the kid! Time outs and spankings don't seem to phase him. It is simply one disaster after another over here. If it is not permanent marker all over the kitchen cabinets, it is scribbles on the wall, emptying cereal boxes on the floor, unrolling entire rolls of TP into the toilet and then trying to flush it which then makes the toilet over flow, drawing with pen on Dallin, constantly ripping off the clothes I am constantly putting on him, pulling out every single wipe in a brand new container, dumping out and scattering about contents of any container, throwing food on the ground, spitting water out of his mouth, leaving nasty hand prints over every surface of our entire house, picking his nose and loving it a little too much, and/or collecting/hoarding/carrying around 5+ blankets at any given time (including, but not limited too ALL of his bedding, at least 3 other blankets and his 5 "friends" ... Boo, Bo-Bo, Elmo, Dee- Dee, and Hoo-Ha) leaving them all over the house... but if you dare pick up one blanket to fold, or a friend to put away... he freaks out! Heaven forbid if I try and set Dallin on one of those blankets (which was their original purpose), Eli will immediately grab it right out from underneath him and say, "Mine!". So now what???? AHHHHH! Good thing I love you Monkey!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Tried...

I tried really hard to get a good Easter pic of all three boys, but it did not happen. They all looked so cute in their new outfits. But with 8:30am church...and with me having the calling of making the program...we have to leave 45 minutes early. When you try to get everyone showered, fed, dressed, diaper bags packed, AND cram in the Easter baskets, egg hunt, and photo shoot all before 7:45am... things don't always turn out how we want! I tried inside and outside pictures before and after church. And pathetically... these are the best of them! But I love my darling little boys!

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My First Easter!

Dallin felt a little left out without any candy in his Easter basket and decided to eat his book instead! ;)

Our sweet baby boy at 8 months old.

I love Dallin's toes in this picture!

I love my Daddy!
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Dying Easter Eggs

Super hero-Easter eggs masterpiece!

Connor is the only kid I know who actually EATS the eggs!

For whatever reason we feel the need to dye hard boiled eggs every year. I am not sure why, as I certainly never did it as a child. Maybe that is why I feel compelled to do so? Did I really miss out on anything by not having this as a tradition? I doubt it. The kids come out of it with blue stained fingers and I stress out entirely too much about the dye spilling everywhere as they do it. No one in our family even likes to eat the eggs after we dye them, except for Connor. And even then, it is in moderation. I threw out a half dozen of hard boiled eggs yesterday. The whole thing is a bit perplexing. :)

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Bunny

Eli and the Easter Bunny

Dallin and the Easter Bunny

We had a neighborhood Easter event that included an egg hunt, train rides, moon bounce, rock wall climbing, and the bunny himself! As you notice... Connor is not pictured. He was too busy climbing the rock wall to be bothered with a dumb, over sized rabbit. :)

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Connor VS. The Rock Wall




I will give Connor props that even though he was scared silly climbing that high...he was determined to climb to the top. He kept going back to the wall to torment himself some more. He eventually made it to the top...but was too scared to let go with his hand to reach out and ring the bell. Poor kid. With out the sounding of that alarm, he was not satisfied with himself.

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My Eli


One of the guys.




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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Connor's 1st Sleepover

Connor and Rylan playing Star Wars Lego on the PlayStation

Connor had his first friend sleep-over at our house a couple weeks ago. The next door neighbor, Rylan (age 8), came over for some fun! They ate snicker doodles and popcorn, watched a movie, played video games, and wrestled to their hearts content! I was on the first shift (seth went to bed early and I got to stay up with the boys... at about 11:30pm I told them lights out. I then tag teamed Seth and he went and slept on the couch (while the boys slept in sleeping bags on the front room floor) because Rylan was a little scared. They stayed up talking and laughing and I did not hear them go to sleep until Seth finally yelled at the boys (at 12:30) to shut their eyes for 30 seconds and they would be asleep. They did.... and they were! But not for long! They were up at 6:30am the next morning. Seth made pancakes for them where they then ran over to Rylan's house and bugged his family! It was fun and they are already scheming up plans for the next one, but I am not looking forward to it anytime too soon. :)

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Darling Dallin

Notice my cheeks, after all, I have been working hard to get these babies!

My little baby is getting too big! As you can see in the pictures Dallin is sitting up now (Yippee! :) and has been for a couple weeks. However, he still easily looses his balance and falls over (especially with the help of big brother Eli who finds it quite amusing to walk by and push him down). He can also hold his own bottle now. He is finally eating baby food and rice cereal, but Ritz crackers are his fave! I think he is plumping up a his cheeks seem to get harder for me to resist! :) But I will know for sure how he is measuring up in a month at his 9 month check up. Wish us luck...we have been working hard to fatten this kid up!
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