Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing In Action

I've been neglecting the blog the last couple months. There are a few reasons for this:

1) The baseball season is upon us. You're looking at the new 8U Humble Indians First Baseman! Seth is the 3rd base coach again this year and I am the Team Mom. This includes, but is not limited to: one practice and two games a week. So far our Indians are 2-0!

2)Eli started T-ball! He is making his Poppy proud by playing for the Oakland A's! Eli is a on a 3 and 4 year old team provided through the local YMCA. He loves having his own separate thing from Connor! He has one practice and one game a week.

(Although this pic hides Eli's face a bit, I like it because of the big smile... and because it shows what an awesome coach this man is. He is all about getting on the kids level, having fun and teaching life lessons in the game of baseball!)

3) I recently received a new calling at church! I am the secretary for the Primary presidency. I absolutely LOVE it! I work with great people and think the kids are hilarious! It certainly keeps me busy.

4) Dallin is a very active, well practiced, tantrum throwing, busy-bodied little 2 year old! He's counting and learning colors (and frankly I am a little afraid he is going to soon surpass Eli in that department who seems to be lagging a bit).

5) Did I say Connor started baseball season???

So although I have not been blogging there has been a lot going on in the Washburn home! Some big, and some not so big.

Like the fact that Dallin falls out of his bed a lot...

You'd think we could buy the poor kid a bed rail... but he doesn't really seem to mind too much. :)

Eli had a Rodeo Parade at school that included line dancing with the occasional "Praise Jesus" thrown in there. In my mind a good representation of what Texas loves most: Cowboys and Jesus... and probably in that order.

Connor had his first Pinewood Derby Race. He picked out his design and built most of it himself(with occasional help from Seth). Come race day, Seth was out of town. So I got to go and do weigh-ins, and grease his wheels in between races with graphite powder, and give him the lecture that "win or lose... we need to be a good sport", and most importantly to NOT cry... I specifically remember saying that! Guess what, I was also there to hug him and hide his face when he cried on the FIRST race.

Connor and the "Holy Rider"

Good thing it was just the first race of many. I think there were 16 kids in his wolf den. (4 races with 4 cars in each one.) Connor took last the first race (thus the crying), and then took first in the next three races. He made it to the final four round! We were so excited! They raced one final time and it was very close, but he got last. There were only trophies for the first three kids that placed. It was so sad to see him be the only one to walk away without a trophy. But surprisingly, the kid took it like a champ. I was proud.

Final four race. I love this pic. Connor's face is priceless, as well as many of the leaders!

And these two were two of the cutest little cheer leaders around! They were pleased as punch to get their own little "twinkie derbys'!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Sleep

You know you're messed up when...

you can't sleep a wink because there is a storm outside. You are POSITIVE that among the howling winds, every crack of thunder is actually a crack of a falling tree... that is about to land smack dab on your house... and come crashing through your roof... on top of you and your husband... of even worse on top of your babies.

Thanks to Hurricane Ike over 2 years ago when we heard those high speed winds and cracking trees... three trees DID fall on our house. Now this is just how I get when it storms.

(One of the uprooted trees that fell on our house.)

(Luckily for us it was just the very tips of the trees that fell on our house and only the branches that actually punctured our roof.)

(Our neighbors were not quite so lucky. A tree came through their house and crushed EVERYTHING in their master bedroom. Thankfully, they slept with the baby in the nursery that night.)

But now do you understand my pain? I thought seriously about camping out in the hallway half way through the night. But I ultimately decided that if my family was going to die from falling trees... I didn't want to be the lone survivor. Instead, I kept waking up Seth to reassure me trees weren't going to, in fact, fall on us. His annoyance with me was more apparent than his willingness to provide me with comfort. Great, now we are going to die mad at each other! So I laid there all night in the dark with the blinds open... staring down the trees and getting ready to grab Seth with my superhuman strength and run upstairs and grab the kids with my lightening speed, all in a moments notice... if I saw a falling tree.

Yeah, that is about how my thought process worked.

So when I woke up dead tired this morning... Seth laughed at me.

I'm so not grabbing him next time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rodeo Carnival

Friends from Louisiana came out for a fun filled Rodeo Carnival visit!

Nothing like bumper cars for some good ol' fashioned family fun!

The kids rode carnival rides until the were blue in the face!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seth's Science Fair Project

When I think of Science Fairs I think of 4th grade kids creating tomato sauce volcanoes and studying the dietary habits of ants.

The way I see it, Seth has basically been asked to create a big boy poster for an upscale Exxon Science Fair. He makes the said poster, people stop and ask questions about his research, and then he privileges them with his abundance of knowledge. Only his won't be as cool because there will be no exploding lava at the end.

He has been putting in countless hours into this 'poster'... which thus far still remains on a lap top screen. I've seen no actual proof of poster paper.

Personally I don't get how creating a poster can be so time consuming.

Hell, give me some scissors, a Sharpee, and a piece or two of card stock and I could knock that puppy out in 60 minutes flat. (And that's with adding some glitter glue for flare!)

Seth doesn't seem to want my help.

So tonight while Seth was home from work (but really still working on his poster)... I was putting the boys to bed.

Apparently I'm not the only one confused by all this poster nonsense. As Eli was saying his personal prayer before bed he slipped in, "Please bless Daddy will make a yummy toaster".