Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funny Honey

My husband made me laugh today. Maybe he will be annoyed that I blogged this story...but it put a smile on my face; one of the many reasons why I love Seth!

SETH: We need to look for an up and coming Hispanic neighborhood to move into.

ME: (completely confused by this random comment) Why?

SETH: I am tired of being around all these whites!

HAHAHAHAHA! He was completely joking...but I do think that he (as well as myself) misses the diversity that we had grown to appreciate in Louisiana. I know there is plenty of diversity and culture out here in Texas... we just have not found ourselves immersed in it very well.

And as for the cowboy culture...I have a hard time embracing it. I chose to skip the Rodeo (which in doing so I may as well have written LOSER all over our foreheads in bright red sharpie!). When I asked if the animals got hurt when they were "roped"...I got several looks of disgust. And when I was told, "well, it can't feel good" and "sometimes it breaks the cattle's necks"-- I had made my decision. I didn't think the kids needed to see that, to which I was then told it was very "un-Texan" of me. Oops! :) But in all fairness... I am sure there are fun parts to a rodeo. But as for myself, I think I would find the most fun in laughing AT everyone else... which might mean the cows may not be the only ones with a broken neck! Yeah, I think it was probably for the best that we stayed home. ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple Faith

The week before Spring Break Connor was having some behavioral issues in class and kept getting into trouble...mostly for talking. The teacher said that Connor is a very smart kid and he is able to multi-task, while most kids his age can not. As a result, Connor is apparently able to talk to his peers and get his work done at the same time. However, the kids around him are not able to do this and as a result have not been getting their work done. After three days of Connor getting into trouble for talking, his teacher and I decided that maybe Connor should be moved out of a table setting (4 desks pushed together) and have to sit by himself.

Last night as I was saying personal prayers with Connor before bed, he prayed that he could be good at school so that he could be moved back to a table and that he could get a blue star. (That is the best behavior grade you can get for the day.) I was touched by his unprompted sincerity of wanting to change.

Then today as I picked him up from school the first thing he said was, "Mom! I got a blue star today and my teacher moved me back to a table!! Just like I prayed for. I had faith inside Jesus and that I could get a blue star, and it happened!" It was a really neat experience for me to see. I was happy to hear that Connor's behavior had been improving. But I was truly grateful that not only my child's prayer was answered, but that he recognized that prayer takes faith!

His teacher told him he is just on a trial run at a see if he can keep up the good work. But that he has been doing really well the last few days. I am proud of my little boy...not just for being able to control his talking, but for his sweet example of simple faith. I love you, Bear!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I often feel THIS WAY...

St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's day this year we threw a little party for 10 little leprechauns! It was filled with pizza and green sides. (green grapes, green skittles, green chips, green kiwi's, green pickles, green drink (Sprite with lime sherbet. Sorry, no green beer served here!) and sugar cookies with green frosting and green M&M's to decorate!) They feasted only after they received their Irish tats and green beads upon arrival. Then the party was filled with fun Irish themed games. We played classics like hot potato...with an actual potato of course! And there was the chocolate coin toss. Seth also showed them a demo of how to dance an Irish jig (Riverdance) and then tied green balloons to their feet and they had to stomp and dance the jig as they tried to pop each other's balloons... it was great to watch! Then there was the treasure hunt-- as they solved the riddles to get from clue to clue to find the leprechaun's pot of gold (which was gold candies like butterscotch's, PB cups, Rollos, chocolate gold coins, etc). Lastly, they had a classic game of green balloon volleyball. :) I sent them home with baggies full of the "treasure" they found, and a cute little 99 cent scholastic reader book about Leprechauns. The kids seemed to love the games and wanted to play each game multiple times. It took a full 2 hours to get through it all. Connor loved the party and the other kids (with the exception of one screaming, tantrum throwing child) seemed to really enjoy the party, too! Connor thanked me repeatedly after the party was over and kept saying how much fun he had. I was very pleased. :)

Meet Mr. Momofuko

Connor had to do a school project on an inventor. You could pick anyone you wanted (they suggested people like Thomas Edison). You had to research that person then make a paper doll of them of what they looked like on the outside and then put your report of facts on the inside. Connor's favorite food in the world is Ramen Noodles (I know, doesn't say much for my cooking!). So when given the option of studying the invention of anything...he chose noodles! This kid makes me laugh! I had assigned this project to Seth, and I think Connor and he did such a cute job! So, they researched it. This is Mr. Momofukko Ando. After WWII he wanted to create a cheap food that could help feed Japan. Thank you Mr. Momofuko... at 16 cents a pop I would say you did a great job of feeding Japan and my 6 year old little boy!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing You Cody...

G. Cody Haycock 1977 ~ 2009 G. Cody Haycock, 31, left this mortal existence on Wednesday, March 11th after a lengthy battle with depression. Cody was born on July 30, 1977. He is the eldest son of Gordon L. and Jody J. Haycock. He is a kind and gentle person who never sought attention. Cody was shy and quiet but once he got to know you, you had a friend forever. He leaves this life with many friends, and no enemies. He is loved by all and left knowing that his family and friends love him unconditionally. Cody's greatest quality is that of a peace-maker. He was always respectful of others' beliefs and would say or do nothing to offend. He touched the lives of many people and was always willing to lend a hand or assist someone in need. He loves the outdoors and always found peace and solace there. Cody loves animals and dreamed of being a veterinarian. His most prized possession was his loyal dog Otis, who was with him at his passing. Cody is extremely talented and intelligent and could often be seen helping one of his many brothers and sisters with their school work. He was our family chef and was always in the kitchen cooking healthy meals for his family. He was working as an independent contractor, and took great satisfaction in a job well done. All throughout our home, his handiwork is evident and will serve as a constant reminder of his love for us. Cody graduated from Sunset High School in Portland, Oregon and attended Brigham Young University. He is an eagle scout and served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New Zealand. Cody is survived by his parents and seven brothers and sisters, Chiara (Bill) Fronce, Carson (Nicole Velo, fiancée), Curry (Cody Hancey, fiancé), Colter (Jill) Haycock, Carly, Cailey and Caddy, and nephews Mason, Madden, Macksen, and his newborn niece, Marley. Cody is also survived by his grandmother Shirley Haycock, and grandparents Bill and Marjorie Jensen. Cody has many aunts and uncles and cousins that love him, miss him and mourn with us. Since Cody's passing, our family has spent many hours together basking in family love and enjoying stories and memories. We miss him dearly. We want to thank everyone that has touched Cody's life. These past few days have been filled with phone calls, text messages, cards, flowers, meals, visits and we know we have been in the prayers of hundreds. We thank you all and love you. We know that Cody would want all of us to have a deeper love for each other, to watch out for one another and to help those in need. As a family, we take great satisfaction and strength in knowing that Cody is now at peace. We certainly don't understand why things happen as they do, but we know that he now feels the loving embrace of his Heavenly Father, his grandfather Gordon and family and friends that have gone before him. In honoring Cody's wishes, a funeral service will not be held. A private family gathering has been held in his honor. Also in keeping with his wishes, his body will be cremated and his ashes will be spread in his beloved Uinta Mountains where he enjoyed time with family, friends and his dog Otis.
(Cody's obituary in the Salt Lake Tribune)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Life is not fair. Simple fact. Some lose everything and others nothing. It brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart ache to know others grieve and suffer such tragedies. It seems to be everywhere I turn these days. And it breaks my heart. Maybe that is one of my callings in bear the burdens of others? It can be so easy to get filled with doubt in this crazy world. Some trials are just too much. I can't help but wonder when it is my turn...and if I will be strong enough to prevail? I'm so sorry... and Godspeed.

Young Love

Oh to be young again! Connor has had a crush on a darling, little Hispanic girl in his class named Marilynn all year. She is probably his best friend in the class...which is how the puppy love all began. We have had several conversations about her at home. The most recent two went like this:

CONNOR: I told everyone at school I have a girlfriend... but I wouldn't tell them who it is.

ME: Oh really? Who is it?

CONNOR: (sounding slightly annoyed that I didn't already know this) Marilynn!

ME: Oh, right. Does she know she is your girlfriend?


I don't know why but that struck me funny. Then today when he got in the car after school this conversation really made me chuckle...

CONNOR: When everyone was watching TV today at school, I told Marilynn that she is a hottie.

ME: (A little taken back that Connor knew of the word 'hottie'-- let alone what it meant). And what did she say?

CONNOR: I'm going to tell the teacher on you!

HAHAHAHA! Good for her... I am pretty sure that is considered sexual harassment these days! ;) I am starting to like her already!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Room For Two?

I know...I am a blogging monster today! :) I've had many of these posts on the back burner for awhile...and just have recently had the time. :)

We recently transferred Dallin from the bassinet to the porta-crib as he outgrew it about two months ago. We have a real crib upstairs with a room painted all cute and waiting for Dallin. But until he is sleeping through the night...I am just too lazy to make the switch. I don't want to walk ALL THE WAY upstairs to feed him. (Hey, upstairs is farther away than you think...especially in the 3am. :) Elijah already has a bad habit of walking into our room and waking up Dallin for company when he is bored. Thus, it didn't take Eli long to discover this new sleeping arrangement and realize that there was room for two in there! So now I often find the two of them playing and laughing (sometimes one of them is crying) together.

Marker Mishap

Elijah's newest obsession is drawing with (but not limited to) permanent markers all over our house. It started on Super Bowl Sunday. Seth and I were engrossed in the game. We both noticed and commented on how eerily quiet it was for our family of 5. Connor was watching and cheering along next to us. Dallin was with in an arms reach. But Eli was no where to be heard of or seen. Hmm... that combination is always a little unnerving. However, neither of us were willing to pull ourselves away and check. After about 20 minutes Seth got up and walked into the kitchen and found Eli sitting quietly with a permanent marker in his hand and his scribbles all over his little body from head to toe, all over the tile floor, all over the lower kitchen cabinets (outside and inside), and on all the kitchen appliances that were in the cabinets. I was too infuriated at the time to think to take any pictures of it all. Long story short...Eli walked around with permanent marker all over his body for a week, and we got most of the "decorations" off the house with the wonderful blessing of Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. The only places we could not get the marker off was in the grout between the tiles and the inside of the cabinets. Thankfully, the kitchen floor and the outside of the wood cabinets were saved. But stupid me put the permanent marker right back where it was...tucked away in a box... inside a drawer... he can't even see into... and can barely reach. It seemed safe enough, right?...WRONG!

Eli got it out AGAIN just the other day. I was upstairs hunting through old photos and Eli walked in the room covered in globs of lotion. I was worried what else had lotion all over it so as I washed off Eli I asked Seth to find the lotion bottle. He found it...right next to the permanent marker in the boys bathroom. He had drawn on his step stool. I went in to investigate and Eli looked at me proudly as he beamed and said, "See! Mommy face!". It was his first drawing of me (let alone of anyone) ever. It melted my could I get mad? But this time I remembered to put the marker away someplace different. :)
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Last night as Seth and I were talking he randomly mentioned, "I love our boys, and I love having three of them. I honestly don't feel like I am missing out on anything by not having a girl. I mean the boys are dirty and rowdy, but I love it." I don't know why, but hearing Seth express his love for our boys in such a simple way gave me great joy. I too feel the same way. I am so happy with the three little men that have blessed our lives...and I can not imagine it any other way. I would not trade them for all the clean, calm girls and pink clothes in the world! ;) Then this morning as Seth grabbed two rubber snakes out of our shower he laughed to himself and said, "Sorry Sweetie, but I guess you will always be finding snakes in your shower and never any dolls"!

Off With the Thumb

For those of you who do not know, (but if you know my family at all- you would know) Connor is almost seven years old and still avidly sucks his thumb. I keep asking the dentist if this is a problem and every time (and three dentists later) they have all said the same thing...that it is not affecting his teeth...yet. IF it were to start messing them up...they would put in some type of guard. I really wanted that guard because anything short of chopping off Connor's thumb...I really do not know how to break him of the habit. Connor seems to continue to bring in sickness after sickness into our home and I can not stand it. Some may say it is because he is in school and they all share germs at that age. True, but I KNOW we would not be dealing with some of the DISGUSTING things he seems to bring home if it were not for that thumb and him ingesting all that bacteria and germs. So after recently being totally disgusted by his latest and greatest disease...I swore to him that the thumb was going to be chopped off! Connor's little face immediately turned pale(r) white and his head dropped. He would not look up at me and immediately got incredibly quiet. The poor dear thought I was REALLY going to cut off his thumb! What a horribly mean mom he must have to actually have believed I would do such a thing! But I was still so mad that I could not bring myself to tell him I was not really going to cut off his thumb for at least 5 cruel minutes of suffering. However, we did google some thumb sucking kickers and found one we bought. Some of the comments said it made their kids throw up. Is it mean of us that we did not care? :) Maybe it will break him of the habit after all...he can choose to throw up if he wants to suck his thumb. It is a really nasty tasting stuff that is applied to the nail. So far there has been no throwing up...but at lot of spitting and gagging in our home. :) The other night he woke up screaming because I guess he took a big suck in his sleep and could not get the taste out of his mouth. He now goes to sleep with a sock over his hand. Poor little guy. I really should be more sympathetic...after all, I was a thumb sucker too!

Pathetic, Loveable Dallin

Honestly, could I look any more pathetic?

This picture was taken of Dallin shortly after his 6 month check up and he certainly does NOT like me forcing him to sit in his Bumbo. :) We have been working on sitting up more and more everyday and I can tell his stomach is getting stronger. We still are not there yet...and are almost 7 months old. But even the daycare lady at the gym mentioned she thought he was getting stronger (without knowing any of his background). That made me very happy to hear! He can at least sit up for a few seconds now before falling over. (Literally a few seconds and he has to be positioned just right...but we will take anything we can get!)

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Happy Mardi Gras!

We took the kids back to Baton Rouge for a quick trip a couple weekends ago to see the Marti Gras parades because nobody else does Mart Gras like Louisiana. body else does Marti Gras. ;)
We have never caught so much junk (er, I mean treasure) from parades before!

Every party needs a party pooper...that why we invited you...Party Pooper! We could not believe it...Eli feel asleep amongst all the loud music, dancing, junk food eating, and free toy throwing! What's up with that!?!

Tired Eli and Daddy at the Spanish Town Children's Parade

Dallin all partied out...but people sure threw him A LOT of toys!

Dallin and Mommy.

Now those are some BEADS!

"Throw me something Mister!"

Seth and Donna