Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It was the saddest day in the SD Padres Humble Baseball League history! We had been beating the Pirates most of the game by about 3-4 runs. (A relatively close game for Padre status) It is the last inning and Pirates are up to bat... from no where they knock out 5 great runs! The score is now 13-12... and the Padres are up to take care of business.
First batter chokes and strikes out. Second batter hits and it is an out at first base. Third batter gets a base hit. Fourth batter... is Connor. (Not our strongest hitter!) My nerves were shot... I could hardly watch as I just prayed he would not strike out. He swings... strike one. He swings... strike two. AHHHH! The third pitch he nails for a solid grounder past the 2nd and 3rd base. Whatever position that is (right field?) grabs it and throws it to second for the out. Pirates win!... Padres lose!... and by one point! Connor comes off the field in tears... he thinks it is his fault because he hit the ball. The other kid comes off the field in tears thinking it is his fault since he was the one tagged out. Three fourths of the dug out is in tears because this is the first game they not only lost, but did not kill the team by at least 7 points. It was heart breaking, but a bit comical at the same time. In my best Tom Hanks voice I said to them, "There's no crying in baseball!" They all just looked at me and cried harder! hahahahaha!
Last time the Padres played the Pirates... they beat them by ten! Thankfully, the Padres still hold their first place status. (Although that was no consolation to any of the boys!) However, I think the Pirates took their 3rd place ranking up a notch to 2nd... but I can't say for sure. It was a good game and both teams played their hearts out.
Personally, I think it was good for these boys to lose. Their egos were getting a little too big. But now that the word is out that the Padres can be beat... (and trust me the word really is out! Connor has a friend in the division above him and he already knew about the undefeated Padre loss before we even told him. ;)... I have a feeling the Cardinals are going to want it bad Thursday night. We will have to bring our A game to make sure everyone knows we mean business... and we are not messin' around anymore! :)
Meanwhile, Connor has spent hours in preparation for this game and will continue to do so by "practicing" on his PS3 MLB game! ;)- So send Connor and the Padres your good thoughts... and GO PADRES!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Field Day

I was able to attend Connor's field day for a little while this year. I had two small stinkers with me who seemed to want to cause trouble every which way I turned. But for the hour or so that I was there, I was able to see 4 of the 12 scheduled events. The first was a water relay (not pictured) which is why Connor is soaking wet in all of these pictures! :)

How low can YOU go? I must say... I am pretty sure I could have taken ALL of these kids... had I been playing! ;)

Who doesn't love a sack race? Connor's team won twice... not that I was paying attention to that. ;)

This is the game that I always hated... egg on a spoon. You have to have patience... something I still don't have. Maybe I should have played it a few more times as a child?!

It was a hot day full of lots of hard work for Connor boy... but in the end it was worth it because he got THIS moment. Penelope... the girl of his dreams...snuggled right up to him to pose for THIS picture. It was the best moment of his seven year life... or at least until I let him have Cheetos as an after school snack!


I decided to let Connor venture from soccer this spring and try something new... his first year of baseball. He is loving it!... Almost a little too much (if you ask me. :) I want him to play soccer. But since baseball and soccer are the same seasons (Spring and Fall) Connor keeps threatening me that he is going to play baseball again in the fall. We'll see how that works out. :) Connor's team is doing great this season and is currently undefeated! 8-0.

Connor plays pitcher (#2) and seems to love it (even though it is still coaches pitch at this age).

Connor making the play to first base for the out!

(Oh, they also make the pitcher wear a helmet and mask at this age.)

SAFE! Connor makes the slide into home plate for the run!

Seth volunteered to be the assistant coach this year and he is the permanent third base coach out on the field. If you ask me... he is the key to their wins! It doesn't matter if you are fat, skinny, slow or fast... Seth is going to tell you to keep running every time! ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day!

Because of this GREAT woman and her constant example of what it means to be a MOTHER...

I, too, have had the desire and opportunity to know what it means to experience motherhood... three times over.

On May 30, 2002 Connor made me a mother for the very first time!
Four years later on June 1, 2006 Elijah graced our lives.
Last, but not least, Dallin Kelly came on August 7, 2008.
And although I often complain, I truly realize what a privilege and a blessing it means to have these three little boys call me "Mom".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DisneyLand/ California Adventure

Days 3-5 were Disney Days and we met up with my brother, Sean, and his family. This was Seth's first time to Disney (as well as the kids)! The days were filled with nonstop junk food, roller coasters, Disney characters, fireworks, parades, cousins, smiles and laughter, tears and tantrums, and exhausted parents! (Luckily no puke! :) Seth even pulled a full 12 hour day at DL from 9-9 (against my will... I tried to convince him to come back to the hotel with me to take a brake and nap with the little ones) but he kept going. You can sure see how tired he is in some of the evening pics! :) If we had planned this vacation a little better... Seth and I both agree that we would have planned one day as a "down" day at the end... just to recover! Instead we were riding roller coasters up until we had to catch the plane!!

double click on slide show to enlarge pics


Day 2 of our vacation we headed to Legoland. Seth and I were a little disappointed. It seemed more geared toward littler kids (3-6 years old). And really we were going for Connor because he is so into his Legos right now. But the boys loved it regardless. I think if we had gone after Disney... it would have been a big let down, but since it came first... they thought it was great! :)

if you double click on the sllide show you can see the pics bigger. :)

Santa Monica Beach

We took our first own little family vacation ever (where we weren't intentionally going to see family, but we still managed it!) and we went to California for 5 days. Day 1 we met up with Ephraim and Kimm at Santa Monica beach and spent the day eating snacks, watching the waves and playing in the sand. It was awesome! The water was cold, but at least it was BLUE! (I am not a big fan of the brown ocean water in Texas. :) Really, I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect day!

Connor kite flying

The boys and their sand "castle" (really it was just a giant pile of dirt! ;)

The boys protecting their fortress from the waves!