Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

We spent a wonderful Christmas Eve among some great friends. The kids made cookies for Santa and played with their friends while the adults chatted, ate good food, and played games. It was perfect! We came home and read the Christmas story from the Bible as a family and each opened one present. The boys all got new jammies of course! :) From our clan to yours... enjoy your Christmas Eve and have a safe and merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I awoke to this scene at 7am this morning. It is quick, quiet moments like this where I find true joy through my children. Happiness for me is to see Eli and Dallin squished together in that little car! :) They fight 90% of the time, but when they do play together... it is so heart warming. I hope these two will be good buddies as time goes on.

Quit looking at the nasty hand prints on my walls... and look at how cute my boys are! ;)

Connor saw me taking pictures and wanted to be in one. Notice how he is covering his undies for the picture... so thoughtful of him! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009


While driving in the car with his Dad, Eli recently heard the song "We Will Rock You". Queen has their version... and Eli has his. Ever since that car ride he has been running around the house chanting, "We will, we will, ROCKET SHIP!" It makes me chuckle every time I hear him. But mostly... I just wanted an excuse to post the song on my blog... I fully blame my dad and brothers for that! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Santa,

Today for FHE Connor taught the lesson (the nativity) and then we wrote letters to Santa followed by a scripture, prayer and treat.

Connor's letter read:

Dear Santa,
Can I go in your workshop? What do elves look like?

I want:
1. a 4 wheeler (GOOD LUCK ON THAT ONE!)
2. Sorry Sliders (We already have 'Sorry'... do we really need two different versions of the same game?)
3. a Wii (Nope. Pretty sure Santa is not bringing you that either)
4. a soccer goal
5. Video games (Probably, but they are going to be video games for your "old" consoles. IE: Play Station 3 and Nintendo DS)
6. a Science Experiment (Do we really need a second mad scientist in this family? ;)

Why didn't the elf cross the road?
Because he didn't have the reindeer. (This is a joke he made up just for Santa)

Love, Connor

Eli's letter (with Seth's help) read:

Dear Santa,
Eli has been a good boy, for the most part. Anyway, we love him and think he should get presents in spite of everything.

This is what he wants:
1. a water gun
2. water to go in the water gun. (Is this really the brother of the kid who just asked for a 4 wheeler?)
3. fruit snacks (preferably Princess ones) (Don't ask!)
4. a DS. (You do a fine job of breaking your older brother's... I don't think we need to buy a second one for you to reek havoc on.)
5. A 'Yo Gabba Gabba' Game (No idea what he is talking about... he doesn't even like the show 'Yo Gabba Gabba'. I personally just think he likes to say the words, Yo Gabba Gabba! :)
6. Presents (why can't they just all ask for this?)

Love, Eli

Afterwards Connor kept saying, "Do you think Santa will really give me a 4 wheeler AND a Wii?"
To which I respond, "No."
And then he says very excitedly, "I don't either, but I hope he does!"

I hope come Christmas morning we don't have tears and a broken heart. :(

Photo Shoot

Thanks to our amazing and talented friend Jim Boud... we finally have some real family photos! If anyone wants contact info for him... let me know! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Gramps

This morning my Grandpa Maine passed away in his sleep. This was not too unexpected as we found out at the beginning of the week that he had a severe stroke for which he was hospitalized. He was expected to pass within the next couple of weeks, but this was sooner than I had anticipated.
At 92 years of age... I would say that my Grandfather has lived a long life, a full life. I hope he is happy. I like to think that when he crossed over he was met by his father that died when he was a very small child. My Grandfather had a hard life and as a result made some poor choices. Many judge him based on these things.
All I know is the man who I called "the bad Grandpa" (as the nickname was given by himself). But the irony was that he was a good Grandpa. A really good grandpa. I am not calling him a perfect man, as I know that he was capable of causing pain... as we all are. But I do believe he tried to right the wrongs he had made in his life. And if i have to vouch for the goodness in this man's heart at the gates of Heaven (or hell) I will!!
He never showed me anything but love. In the summer time I would have sleepovers at his house, he would take me to the park, to the local fair, swimming, take me camping, on long walks, and to get ice cream cones. We both loved to play with his dog. He would wrestle with me, spend hours teaching me card tricks, and always showered me in wet slobbery kisses. We spent holidays together. My Grandpa wrote many letters to me throughout college and my married life. He wrote my kids letters. He sent birthday cards, and emails, and called often. He served his country faithfully as he loved it dearly. I love my Grandpa. I will miss him very much. I already do. Love you with all my heart, Gramps. Always know that!

Gramps and me... 1981. (age 2)

Grandpa always had such a special place in his heart for Connor. I am not sure why, but somehow Connor stole his heart long ago. He loved to talk to Connor on the phone... and Connor loved talking to him too! Here is a pic of my Grandpa with Connor at age 2. (2004)

It Snowed!

Our second year here in Houston... and it snowed for the second year in a row! So fun and unexpected... and even more fun because it melts before the day is over! :) (That is my kind of snow. I like if for one day and then I am DONE!)
And before you all try to call CPS on me... I DID get my child properly dressed so he could go play in the snow! I even dug in the closets/attic to look for a pair of old ski bibs and winter coat that would fit Eli! The snow was very pretty. Exxon let Seth out of work at 10:30am that day and Connor got out from school an hour early that day (2:20pm) in anticipation of ALL the snow were were supposed to get. The so called 4-5 inches in one day was no where to be seen by my eyes. Maybe .45 inches? :) But that is fine by me... I loved having the family all home for the day!

Eli had a blast playing in the snow. He kept saying it was Christmas! :) When his clothes got too wet for his liking, he came in only to switch them out for dry ones to go back out in.

My cute little man!

Dallin didn't seem to care for the snow. He is a lot like a dog, I think. He was going nuts inside the house as he watched it fall down on the ground all day. Especially once Eli was out back and playing in it. But then once I actually bundled him up and took him out to play in it... he just wanted me to hold him. :)

Unfortunately I have no pics of Connor. Connor immediately got off the bus and started having a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids. They played out there for a good couple hours until their mitten-less hands were frozen solid. To which we invited Connor's pal, Rylan, over to spend the night, drink hot chocolate, order pizza, and watch a movie. My kind of day! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

** Let It Snow! **

(you're going to want to click on this photo to see it big... you can't help but smile!)

It is snowing here in Houston!! Let it snow, let it snow!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

Eli loves to go into the bathroom and play! He stops up the sink and fills it with water; all the while letting it splash and overflow onto the bathroom floor. Not to mention he manages to soak all this clothing from head to toe while reeking all sorts of havoc and trouble in there. And he can do this all in a matter of a couple of minutes! In our down stairs bathroom I set out a little Santa candle in there as decoration. I caught Eli playing in the sink again this morning... and I cleverly pointed to the candle and said, "See Santa, Eli? He is watching you. He knows if you are being naughty in here."

He whined and fussed a bit about the fact that he did not want Santa to watch him. (As he always does when I tell him this.) Clearly only the thought process of a NAUGHTY little boy. Most kids seem to like the idea that Santa will bring them presents if they are good. :)

A few hours later I went to use that same bathroom. This is what I found:

I guess Eli solved his own problem... because Santa certainly can't watch him now! ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30 Days of Thanks Completed!!

The beautiful tree that Connor picked out!

While Seth put up lights... Eli and Dallin fought non stop over who got to stand at the top of this step stool. Dallin only fell off once...

When I finally made these two rotate turns to stand on it, Eli shoved Cheetos in his mouth to keep himself satisfied. (Thus the orange face and hands.) He is showing you the letters we worked on today. :)

The stockings all got hung.

And the Nativity was arranged.

Our finished product!

On the thirtieth of November I found myself grateful for the Christmas season. I am grateful we were able to go out together as a family and pick out a Christmas tree. I am grateful for the fun traditions that come with Christmas time... as it unites our family closer to one another as we draw nearer to our Savior. I am humbled by the beauty of all of it.

I truly have become much more aware of the multiple blessings that are all around me through doing these simple posts.

But, that being said... I am also happy to start complaining again about all the things that bug me! ;)