Friday, December 17, 2010

Letter to Santa 2010

I found this letter to Santa in Connor's backpack today (true to his spelling)...

Dear Santa,

Hi my name is connoR. I know what I whant. and I am having a test on you if you are real or not. I want the new Maden 11 Game. I want it because it is the best it has ashon (action). I helped my mom fold the landry. I alsow want a puppy. So I can have a buddy to play with. I was the alony (only) one that was clening at the party. I alsow want the vodeo game so I wunt be bord. I clend up my toy room. I hit my brother a lot. Plese frgiv me and good night.

Connor - age 8

Naughty or Nice?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Night

Eli's preschool sent home a note last week about a birthday party they were going to have with the children for Jesus. To help celebrate they suggested a cute idea of bringing a wrapped toy as a gift to Christ. The children would unwrap their present, show the class, and then donate it to the local toy drive. This past family home evening, I took the opportunity to review the birth of our Savior with our kids (using our nativity set was a hit) and to try to explain to Eli why we were doing this and what it meant. There was some confusion.

Eli: So are we going to eat cake with Jesus?

Me: No. Jesus won't actually be at the party, He is in Heaven.

Eli: You can't eat cake in heaven?

Me: ????? (changing the subject) Christ taught us to share with others. We are going to give someone a present who probably won't have any other presents to open on Christmas morning.

Eli: Why?

Me: Well, maybe they don't have enough money, or maybe they don't have a mom or a dad, or maybe they're really sick... but the truth is, I'm not really sure. We do it because we love Christ and we know he would want us to do it.

Seth: There is a little boy out there Eli, who is going to have something to open for Christmas because YOU gave him this Nerf dart gun. Think how happy he is going to be because YOU shared with him. YOU are going to make a difference.

Eli: (With big eyes, a loud gasp, and a breathy voice) I saved Christmas!

Lol! I think maybe this kid has been watching a few too many Christmas movies this season! ;) However, his excitement from that moment on was very catching. You could tell he felt helpful, important, and proud to be making a difference in some one's life. I could even tell Connor was a bit jealous he was not "saving Christmas". :) I told Connor we could go and pick out a toy another day, to give as well. He was thrilled.

I felt a peaceful happiness in my heart that night. And even though our children still behave less than perfect as they fight and cry over silly things--I am proud to be their mama! :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

A couple years back while living in Louisiana we watched our friends inject a turkey filled with Cajun butter sauce and then fry it in peanut oil. It was delicious! I was not sure this qualified us to be able to copy and duplicate the same, but Seth was bound and determined he could, and assigned us the job of "turkey" for the Thanksgiving feast this year.
I also would like to state for the record... my husband bought SEVEN turkeys this Thanksgiving. Every time he'd stop at the store to pick something up for me, they were "practically giving away the turkey" and he could not pass it up. Last year we had to buy a deep freezer just to HOLD all our TURKEYS because Seth has a compulsive disorder when it comes to these fine feathered friends. However, seven is a new personal record. I am not sure where he gets this turkey hoarding need from, but he declares "it is the Adams" in him. :) Can we even eat 7 turkeys before they go bad? We polished off two on Thanksgiving day!
I did not get the greatest pictures this Thanksgiving, but I think that is because we were too busy having fun to worry about pictures. :) It was a great day filled with awesome food, and more importantly, with friends that we love dearly!

Seth frying up the turkey.
Mom- notice the fire extinguisher is in sight!

After all the horror stories I heard about frying turkeys I was paranoid Seth was going to burn down our house. At one point I had to run to him and tell him I was getting in the shower and if the house did start burning down... to please come and let me know!!! ;)-

Fried to perfection...Seth did not dissappoint! That was one awesome turkey! So moist and flavorful.

We shared the day with a couple of our favorite families! After feasting, was games!

The hostess with the mostess herself... Stacee! I love this girl! :)

The kids enjoying a nice dog pile on Danny, lucky guy.
Between us all there were 6 adults, 7 kids, and 1 dog! We gobbled til we wobbled and then some. I truly am grateful to have friends that feel like family. Thanks for the great day!!