Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Connor's First Day of School

So handsome.

So silly.

So big, yet so little.
So embarrassed!
So sad.
Connor has two different teachers and two different class rooms this year. He has writing, science and math with one teacher (Ms. Szeoke) and social studies and reading with another (Ms. Price). So far he seems to like it. He thinks both teachers are very nice, as do I.
According to Connor:
Best thing about third grade: getting to read hard books.
Worst thing about third grade: having so much homework. (and he does!)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To Us!

Okay, So I am quite certain that the large majority of those reading this blog have heard of my "30th birthday mishap" from last year. Do Sea-Monkeys ring any bells? Long story short I will just say I love my husband dearly, but he is quite possibly the WORST present giver ever. (If he even remembers to give you one!) So last year I decided to go public with his attempts. And what do you know... I had the BEST birthday WEEK ever this year! Turns out he CAN be pretty thoughtful... you just have to shame the guy into it! ;)-

So we have been talking about painting the interior of our house forever and have had multiple paint splotches all over our walls for over a year now! When I left for Portland with the kids we had discussed Seth taking the opportunity to paint while we were gone for three weeks. But we never finalized colors before I left... and when I asked him if he had the chance to paint at all, he said no, and I believed him! When we came home and I opened the door I walked into a whole new house! He had painted the entire down stairs. Put up chair rail in the kitchen and dining room, crown molding in the family room and kitchen, molding around the family room windows... he worked SO hard and had my neighbor's excellent interior design skills to help! It looks awesome! He said he pulled his first all nighter ever and actually worked all the way through one night! It was a WONDERFUL birthday surprise!

So Saturday the 7th was Dallin's 2nd Birthday. We started the celebrations that morning with donuts for breakfast! :)

We got dressed in our swimsuits and headed out to the new water park 'Pirate's Bay' in Baytown to celebrate. (okay really it was an Exxon work party... but the kids all thought it was to celebrate Dallin's birthday so we went with it!) It was awesome! Every single one of the kids loved it and were able to eat as much pizza and soda as their tummy could hold besides. :)

When we got home Seth had arranged for a sitter that night so we could go out to celebrate my birthday. (I didn't even have to ask or arrange it myself!) We met up for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant (Pappisitos) with two other couples. We ate, had a few drinks (virgin of course!), and we took our time... there was no need to rush out the door before one of the kids had a meltdown, or before the waiter noticed the entire bottle of ketchup smeared all over the floor, nor did we have to leave a 40% tip because of the tornado that seemed to hit our table alone that night. Instead we sat for at least another hour chatting and laughing after we were all done eating. I had a turn to be thoroughly embarrassed by a heavy, over sized sombrero that was placed on my head as they all sang and clapped and brought me a free dessert... it was great! And I did feel a little guilty that we were celebrating my birthday on Dallin's actual birthday... but apparently not guilty enough! ;) We came home afterwards and played Rock Band with our friends until almost midnight. We are WILD and CRAZY over here in the Washburn home!!

Sunday, Seth made me a yummy dinner of my choice (chicken Alfredo pasta), allowed me to nap, and experimented on the cupcakes he made for Dallin and I. He tried to put bite-size candy bars in each cupcake. I don't really recommend it to anyone, but it was the thought that counts! :)

That is a 3 and 1 pink candles... for 31... and 2 blue candles... for well, 2! :)

Dallin opened his presents on Sunday afternoon. He is our little car fanatic. (We have never had one until this child!) So he recieved several cars and this cool car racer and loved everything about it!

Until Eli started getting jealous and kept trying to steal Dallin's presents away. :)
(Notice the lovely brown and green walls! :)
Oh, and for any of you interested... Sports Clips gives out sweet mullet birthday hair cuts, for free! See Dallin for details.
Dallin is 2 now and we expect nothing but the best from him. His tantrum throwing is already up to expert level! He has started speaking a lot more this last month and can say some 3-4 word sentences. He has the sweetest voice in the world one second and a shrill shriek that can make you want to kill something the next. He's climbing out of his crib every second he gets and is refusing to sit in the high chair (he climbs right out of that too). It is like all of a sudden he thinks he is a big boy! So he also got a booster seat for his birthday... and has recently joined us at the table! He loves it! :)
Dallin did not want to take a picture with me... but I made him! This is the only one we got.
(Again, what a lovely green kitchen and crown molding! ;)

Then on Monday (my actual birthday) I was spoiled rotten by friends here and received several lovely, thoughtful gifts. I was so surprised and felt a little unworthy! :) Then to top it off one of my friends arranged a fun girls night out at Tutti-Fruiti for frozen yogurt to celebrate! So stinkin' spoiled!


A big thanks to all the wonderful people in my life who helped make it that way!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Miriam's Wedding!

Miriam and Dan decided to get hitched for time and all eternity!
July 28, 2010
I love the big smile on Dan's face as he looks at Miriam!
Miriam made for one beautiful bride!
We love you Miriam and Dan and are so happy for you!