Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our darling boys at the church 'trunk or treat' on Friday night.

(Dallin was a pirate, Connor was a bum, and Eli was a vampire.)

Saturday night our neighbors had a Halloween party. We opted to go as white trash. We figured it wasn't too far of a stretch from the truth! :)

My sexy man. Back off ladies! He's all MINE! ;)

If you have a local walmart near by (for the mu mu) this costume can be yours too! Just add some balloon boobs and dodge ball baby! :) I've never felt so glamorous!

(After I put on my rockin dollar store makeup... Eli told me sincerely that I looked beautiful! I hope that is not a hint as to what the future holds for us one day. ;)

After Seth and I figured out what we wanted to be and how we wanted to dress... I had no idea where to even look for a mu mu. Good Will? After striking out at Good Will... Seth suggested Wal mart. Jack pot! We found a whole rack of them. But my favorite part was when a lady stopped Seth and I as we were searching for that perfect one... and told us that there were "some REALLY cute ones for a steal a couple racks over... clearanced for only $5". We both had to bite our tongues and hold back our smiles as we thanked her for the tip. :)

Happy Halloween!


Shandie said...

I love your costumes! I really wish I could have seen them in person. Yeah Walmart has it all doesn't it?! Did you and Seth dress up for the trunk or treat too?

Doug and Shasta said...

HAHAHA!!!! Love it!!

Chiara said...

You are killing me! You two should dress up every year! Freaking wicked awesome! Made my day! See ya in 24! ;)-

Elizabeth said...

So is that beauty the $5 one that came so highly recommend? And the make up is so natural I say keep it going.

Cris said...

LOVE IT!! Why didn't you wear that to the trunk-or-treat?!


The Silly Witch said...

WHY didn't you where this to the trunk or treat??????????

Jennifer said...

I sent you an award. Pick it up and pass it on.

Maria said...

I absolutely LOVE these costumes! Awesomeness!