Monday, January 16, 2012


In November my beautiful, spunky, fun-loving Grandma turned 99. I decided it was not everyday your Grandma had a 99th birthday... and that I needed to help celebrate such a glorious life! So last minute, I ceased the opportunity to take advantage of an Exxon nanny and left Seth and the boys for five days as I was Portland bound.

We celebrated at a beautiful vineyard in McMinnville, Oregon. We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery, a quaint lunch, feeding the cows too many apples, playing a few mean rounds of BINGO (per Gma's request), opening presents, eating pie, and witnessing a beautiful slide show put together of Grandma's 99 years. I think she lasted about 3 hours before she started to fall asleep in her chair... which was longer than we all expected!

The Birthday girl (Gma Nina) with my dad and his sister.

I had other pics with Grandma looking at the camera, but I just thought this picture of her looking at me was really sweet. I love my Grandma so much and am grateful for the life I have been able to share with her. No one can say this lady has not lived, loved and laughed to the fullest.

The last few times I have seen Grandma... she has reminded me not to be sad for her when she passes on. She reminds me that she has had nothing short of a wonderful life. That she has lived a FULL life and that she looks forward to the day she gets to be with Grandpa again. My Grandma is an amazing woman. I will be sad the day she leaves us, but can't help but feel comfort and joy in the thought that she gets to be reunited with her one true love.

After the party we headed back to the house in McMinnville where both my Grandma's are cared for and we were able to continue the after party. Grandma Betty was not up to heading out to the vineyard that day, but we were still able to enjoy a good visit.

While I was in Oregon I took advantage of the opportunity to get together with my two BFF's from high school. We headed up the mountain to Eagle Crest and enjoyed a few days of sleeping in, taking naps, eating ice cream for breakfast, not getting showered until 6pm, going out to dinner, and then crawling right back into our PJ's. We chatted and lot, and fought a little... all in all... a pretty successful trip for the three of us. :) We were too busy being lazy to be bothered with taking pictures!

I can't remember the last time I have been in Oregon in the fall. I don't know if 2011 was an exceptional year for the Portland area, or if I never fully appreciated the beauty it had to offer as a kid. It was nothing short of breath taking! Every time I got in the car I was overwhelmed with all of it... the bright red, vivid orange, and blazing yellow. Set upon the picture perfect little mom and pop farmlands... I longed for my boys and the ability to share with them such beauty!

November also consisted of a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at our house among great friends. As always... Seth was more than happy to fry up a couple turkeys for all of us. We all pitched in on sides and had an amazing feast!

The kids feasting!

Once again, we were thankful to have this food to eat and friends, who are like family, to share it with. We feel blessed and are grateful for the simplest of joys in life.


Elizabeth said...

Such cute pictures of your grandma! She looks so good!
And yes Oregon is always that beautiful and you should move back here.

Chiara said...

Dude...your grandma looks like she's 75! I want to look like her when I'm 99!
And pa-lease....speak for yourself when you say we were too busy being lazy to take pictures!! :)-
I'm never lazy!